After the storm comes the rainbow

Before the storm there is humidity

Calmness is still coming …

Do not lose hope

Either way calmness is still coming

Feeling frightened …

Go ahead and feel frightened

How come you’re frightened?

In the middle of the storm coming, you’re feeling frightened?

Just asking … Don’t take it personal

Knowing that you’re frightened is making me frightened

Love, trust me! don’t be frightened!

Many more emotions to feel than being frightened

No … I am not shouting … I am suggesting …

Of course, you would think I am shouting

People assume I shout because of what you tell them

Queen of drama … that’s what you are

Recently I came to understand that!

Seriously until now I came to understand that?

Totally makes sense now, why we never worked out

Usually, people analyze situations after they are over

Visually you don’t look like a drama queen

Wisdom came after our situation was over

X’haling after each disagreement was my way out

You know we’re better off apart

Zoom zoom …… I’m out!






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