Are Memes Art?

Bob Ross meme

I made the meme above with Makeameme which I found very easy to work with. There is other two versions of it, but the free version has blank canvas for you to create your own. I made the meme above because the real question is: Are Memes art? I would definitely say so! and you know who else agrees with me? Aristotle, Andy Warhol and Leo Tolstoy.  Memes is art because people use them with the sole purpose of communicating their experiences. Don’t believe me? watch the video below.

We can’t talk about Memes without discussing the history behind it. It has been an idea since 1972, the internet was meant to be big since the thought of it. the concept of Memes became an idea in 1972 by Richard Dawkins.

Then boom! many years after we have the first meme ever created — the dancing baby. I played different types of music while looking at the meme and yes! the dancing baby dances anything from country music to Punta (Honduras native dance). it’s creator Michael Girard and Robert Lurye worked with how they could with their 3D animation software, and they did a good job with it, I mean the baby has better moves than Mick Jagger. So, I give it a 10/10.

On the other hand, “All your base are belongs to us” I give it a 1/10 for effort lol. It doesn’t help the fact that the translation is way off but that happens more than we think, I notice it with a lot of shows in Netflix … I watch Spanish Series with English subtitles and I catch some translations like beyond off and I say to myself huh! that is not what he/she just said.

Memes are here to stay, especially now with the growth of social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. I am a Twitter user and half of the interactions on a post are Memes not actual phrases or words. I think memes are more self-expressive, now a days we are more comfortable with sharing an image to show how we feel than to put it in actual words. As the years go by, we will have more and more memes being created. There are more shows being created with characters we will identify ourselves with. Those characters become our “mood”; this is just the continuation of trend setting.

You see the meme above, from Pineapple Express one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. That is the fun part of memes! You could storytelling without meaning to. You see the concern look in Seth Rogen‘s face but then James Franco looks like he is trying to calm him down, that itself is a story.  For example, I made a few memes of my own on how I feel about CT101, Prof. Ryan and when I get an email notification letting me know he has commented on my post.

Are Memes art? The definite answer is YES IT IS!







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