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  • Poetry

      After the storm comes the rainbow Before the storm there is humidity Calmness is still coming … Do not lose hope Either way calmness is still coming Feeling frightened … Go ahead and feel frightened How come you’re frightened? In the middle of the storm coming, you’re feeling frightened? Just asking … Don’t take […]

  • Are Memes Art?

    I made the meme above with Makeameme which I found very easy to work with. There is other two versions of it, but the free version has blank canvas for you to create your own. I made the meme above because the real question is: Are Memes art? I would definitely say so! and you […]

  • About me

    Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my website My name is Ilvea and I am a child of the universe. I love to read, write, meditate, sing, dance, paint, watch romantic movies, listen to podcasts and most importantly I am in a journey of self-love. My goal for this website is to let it reflect […]

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